Overview of baking accessories and supplies.

Home cooking is a complex process. Various accessories are required when baking in the oven. Miele experts will help you understand the range.

Types and kinds of baking accessories.

There are several types of baking accessories in the Miele product line.

Baking trays and baking dishes.

The baking trays are used for baking biscuits, pies and baked goods. They are distinguished by their forms:

rectangular - HBB 51 or HBB 60. Perforated gourmet trays are used for crispy https://jiji-ethiopia.com/akaky-kaliti/art-collectibles/wood-engrave-keychain-7VYH8n49UQtrZhxbNC4BPMxX.html baked goods - HBBL 71. round - eg HBF 27-1.

Baking trays are made from different materials:

Ceramics and glass are beautiful views. The ability to observe the baking process through the transparent body of the baking sheet. Stainless steel - strong and durable.

Aluminum is the most common material.

The baking pans differ in depth. Two types are distinguished according to the height of the walls:

Low - shallow depth. Easy removal of finished baked goods. Crispy rolls are quickly removed with a wooden spatula. High - great depth.

For baking baked goods that are closed on all sides during the cooking process. For example, the HUB-5000 XL is handy for making cakes.

All Miele baking trays and tins are specially coated with PerfectClean. It prevents sticking and makes cleaning easier.

An alternative to a baking sheet is a baking stone. It differs from baking trays:

Keeping warm - for 25 minutes after removing from the oven. Energy saving. Due to contact heat exchange.

Easy cleaning. Made of high quality glaze. Heat resistance.

The Miele product line includes a baking stone. This is HBS 60 - for baking cakes, breads and rolls. Keeping the temperature keeps the baked goods warm while serving.