Children's Ballet Dresses in Uganda
Children's Ballet Dresses in Uganda

This company has been in business since 1999 and had been supplying high voltage battery packs for over 13 years.

From the beginning of the electric battery business, they have had a passion for battery-powered appliances as well as large scale automotive projects.

After three years of development, they started manufacturing these unique, portable battery packs in the US as early as 1996 and finally had a launch just a few years later.

To this day, Rivers State Power Cell is one of the most trusted and sought after power cell manufacturers in the US to provide the customer with a great battery of choice which they offer on a wide range of battery chargers.

The R&D that has taken time to create Rivers State's portable EV battery packs was done in cooperation with the US National Electric Council for an innovative design for a "smart and cost effective way of installing battery pack infrastructure".

We've helped several large companies, like Walmart and Dell in the US like RMS, which were working on the development of a new electric-powered business as well as the electric power market where in 2014 Dell closed down their operations, and R&D in India, the largest market in the world by market capitalisation.